Guidance/Spiritual Direction

Mercer'sfiretile_1290When one becomes intentional and curious about the past/present/future, it is often helpful to find someone with whom to explore. Mary Lou Weaver Houser is a spiritual guide/director who is trained to listen deeply to personal stories with non-judgmental openness.

By meeting regularly with another, one develops a rapport for understanding each phase of life—not unlike an archaeological dig! The intrigue for an archaeologist is how multiple layers of history reveal story in context.

Looking at one’s life with a lighter touch can be liberating—leading one to a carefree, loving abandon!


The centuries-old tradition of spiritual direction inspires

* compassion for self and others

* listening to Creation/Mystery

* a more intimate spirituality

* prayer and discernment

* authenticity in personal theology

* psychological and spiritual healing

* creativity

* hospitality


A creative listener is not someone who simply allows me to say what I already want to say, but someone whose listening actually makes it possible for me to say what I never could have said, and thus to be a new kind of person, one I have never been before and could not have been before this directed listening.

-James P. CarseSilence of God: Meditation on Prayer

Consider a free, exploratory session to learn if spiritual guidance may be timely for you.

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Mary Lou Weaver Houser, a certified spiritual guide/director, has undergraduate certification in English and Art education and a Master of Arts in Holistic Spirituality and Spiritual Direction from Chestnut Hill College, Chestnut Hill (PA). She is also a member of Spiritual Directors International.

 Mary Lou is available for group spiritual guidance, retreats on the Ignatian spiritual exercises, studio arts and creativity, earthcare, prayer,  gardening, women, or the enneagram.



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